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How to choose Bluetooth speaker

Shenzhen Aiye Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2018

Before many people tangled how to choose waterproof wireless Bluetooth speakers, the following author gives several ways to introduce:

1, Bluetooth speaker The biggest buying point is Bluetooth wireless music player, Bluetooth version relates to the quality of the Bluetooth speaker, the higher the Bluetooth version, the Bluetooth speaker is more power, the longer the effective distance, the stronger the compatibility of Bluetooth. The current version of Bluetooth speakers from the earliest 1.1 to later followed by 2.0, 2.1, 3.0; heard 4.0 has also come out, wait and see.

2, the speaker's power: This relates to the speaker amplifier power and speaker power, under the same conditions, the power is relatively higher, the sound is more about good; of course, depends on the speaker's affordability, such as some small speakers, if given If its power is too high, the speakers will be "unflat" when playing music. They like to beat, that is, people often say that the speakers will dance, so many manufacturers can stick a layer of silicone pads or other things under the small speakers that can make it Does not beat, but also increases the appearance of the speaker.

3, horn: Speaking of the horn is more complex, magnetic speakers or external magnetic horn, cone or other, horn structure, speaker power, impedance, etc., is not a professional person is generally difficult to know, the speaker sound quality requirements are not so High generally does not pay attention to these.

4, listen: is to listen to the speaker's sound quality, listen to whether there is noise, whether easy to break the sound, whether it is distorted, the sound sounds there is no feeling uncomfortable (difficult sound speakers will take a long time to feel very noisy), bass and Treble is not reflected and so on. Try to use different songs as much as possible when viewing audio and video, and the best songs to download are genuine. Nowadays, many online music files have been dealt with. There is a big difference from genuine music, and you don't want to put the volume too loud during audition. (any speaker is suitable for this)

5, Speaker cabinet materials: In the past, we paid more attention to this. We all think that wooden cabinets are better than any metal or plastic. Of course, this is also true. However, with the research of speaker cabinets, metal, plastic and other materials are now available. The body can also achieve the same effect as a wooden box, unless it is very professional, and the wooden box must be selected for the very high sound quality requirements.

6, Process: With the development of the times, the technology of the speaker is also getting more and more attention from people. The sound quality of your speaker has no advantage, but the process is done well and it is beautiful, and it can also receive the favor of the people.

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