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The New Use Of The Bluetooth Speakers - Instead Of Baby Monitor

Shenzhen Aiye Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2015

Raising a baby is an expensive thing, but also a happy thing. First of all, you need to buy clothes and diapers, or buy a baby car seat, the transformation of the automobile seat, the sick child is make parents worry, worry about healthy baby since Needless to say, medical costs is a big expense. But if you have a Bluetooth speaker, you can consider not to spend the precious money to buy baby monitor. Now many consumers of mobile phones are monthly, often charges are exhausted and many homes have idle mobile phone, just can becomes free to treasure, "idle" use, the specific approach is to your Bluetooth speaker is connected to the phone, with another mobile phone through the phone. Finally, the the switch on the mobile phone and connected Bluetooth speakers on the baby stroller or cradle near or on the edge, when you in a few rooms between the shuttle, can from another open hands-free phone Puzhuo to baby mumble or slight cry, always keep in touch with.

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